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Logo Solutions LDS - Agence de placement en santé

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you seen on our site the clever comparison of Solutions LDS to catering?

An employment agency would be fast food, while the consulting firm would be fine dining. The distinction between the two? Take the time, benefit from an expertise, live an experience, taste excellence, be treated with small onions, bet on a quality product and come out completely satisfied.

We fill all the positions we work on.

That's why we say we're going to war for you. What if a position gave us a little more trouble? Nothing scares us. We know that recruiting nowadays requires perseverance and rigour. So we persevere for you and we won't let you down until your position is filled to the level of your expectations. Here is our commitment.

Recruitment times are calculated in terms of weeks

We know that the ideal would always be as quickly as possible. When you do business with Solutions LDS, time is running out! We therefore process your recruitment as a matter of urgency, without ever compromising the quality of the candidates referred to you. But above all, our first priority? The quality.

Solutions LDS wants your need to be what binds you to us, not the fact that your hands are tied. You can therefore interrupt a mandate at any time since the decision is yours. As for us, we never give up!

Us, specialties? Yes: sustainable recruitment. This specialty is divided into 5 areas of expertise for which we stand out. We like to recruit for these fields with a well-established network of contacts More details? Visit the section I am an employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Referral is always at the discretion of the Client and the Employer. It is not always required.

As orientation is not a work service, we cannot charge for it. The orientation is therefore paid at the salary in force at the time of the execution.

In order to protect us from abuse and theft of personnel by competitors, you must claim payment for the orientation after having completed 80 hours of it.

Zero. There is no minimum, as we base ourselves on your availability.

The EMPLOYER is the link between you and the CLIENT, we are your direct and unique contact for work. You must contact us at all times if there is a problem, a modification to be made to your file, a major change in availability, a move, an injury at work, an illness, etc.

The Customer is the principal, it is he who dictates the place, the way of working and establishes the working conditions. It is not recommended to deal directly with the CLIENT for schedules.

As for the public network, the day begins at midnight. So a shift planned for the night of January 8, begins on the 7th, and ends on the morning of the 8th.

Logo Solutions LDS - Agence de placement en santé